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 Animal Heist

This video game was developed for PC. Our team consisted of nine students from Algonquin College. The team consisted of two designers, two programmers, and four artists. I designed two out of the game's three levels, as well as most of the main mechanics as interactions. I also contributed to the development and management of the 3D assets, animations and concept art.

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Developed By:

Fake Moon Studios


This is the most recent trailer I made for the beta version for the game.


This is a level I designed, from an early build of the game. We are using Unity to build our levels and our artists are using 3DS Max and Substance Painter to model the 3D assets.

In addition to designing levels and mechanics for the game, I also contributed to some of the 3D models and textures and managing the asset importing process into the project. The latter including being a liaison between the artists and programmers. I made sure that the artists were following proper procedures and naming conventions, to make the programmers' lives much easier. 

 Concept  Art

As a designer, I needed to visually represent what our mechanics would function like and in some cases how animations would look. 

There's nearly as much text as there are sketches to make it clear what every sketch is trying to convey. I presented these sketches to my team at our in-person meetings, so that I can clarify any misunderstood information.

The mechanics shown include enemy vision cones, sound interactions, jumping across gaps, and more.

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