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 Pirate Scuffle

This board game was developed by four students from Algonquin College. Each took the lead role of either Artist (myself), Writer, Designer and Manager, though we all took responsibilities in every role. For example, everyone had a hand in the design of the game.

8th Sea Games company logo created by me.

Developed By:

8th Sea Games

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Pirate Scuffle's board is completely made up of hexagonal tiles that 2-4 players randomly place (under some restrictions) at the beginning of every game.

The object of the game is to have the most amount of gold doubloons by the time a player has reached a bounty of 15.

The center space of the board is a friendly port where anyone can upgrade their ship or fill up their cannons. On the six farthest spaces of the board are special ports that provide potentially higher Cannonball Cards for a player to add to their deck.

Box Art

(On Back of Box): "You are all captains who have made their way to the warm and sunny Caribbean seas to compete for the annual "Pollys", the Pirate Awards. You must decide how best to make your fortune, whether through preying upon unsuspecting merchant ships or turning your cannons against rival pirates to claim their bounty."​

Event Cards


If a player lands on a space that contains an island bearing a Pink 'X', that player draws an Event Card from the Event Deck and resolves its conditions. The player may be attacked by a sea creature, get surrounded by Merchant Ships, or find buried treasure!

Somewhere on the Sea is also the Golden Polly statue, which will end the game early upon drawing it.

 Ship Combat

Each player draws a hand of Cannonball Cards from their deck equal to the number of Cannons they have installed on their ship. When a player lands on the same space as another, they each play a Cannonball Card simultaneously, and whoever has the lowest numbered card takes a point of damage. This repeats until a player is reduced to 0 HP, gives up, or runs out of cards. If one player destroys the other, they'll be rewarded with some gold doubloons equal to the bounty accumulated by the defeated player.

Maintaining your Ships health, combat ability, and Bounty are all pivotal parts of playing Pirate Scuffle.

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