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My name is Kevin Van Doormaal, and I am a digital artist and game designer. I graduated from Algonquin College in 2019 and received an Advanced Diploma for Game Development. There I studied an array of subjects focused on developing for interactive media.

I specialize in Design and Graphics, making everything that is seen or heard clear, concise and connected:

  • I have built 3D levels for players to explore;

  • I have designed mechanics that make the user's experience feel great to use;

  • I have constructed interfaces that communicate their users to their desired functions;

  • I have created Logos that are striking and memorable;

  • I have worked hard with teams to increase efficiency and preserve creativity.


My love for video games knows no bounds. It has been my inspiration and my motivation going forward.

I play tabletop games with my friends whenever we socialize.

And whenever I need to wind down, he reads comic books and waits patiently for the next film adaptation to be released.

  • LinkedIn - Kevin Van Doormaal
  • Twiter - Nintennerd
  • Youtube - Nintennerd

Gatineau, QC, Canada


Download my Résume

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