One of my favourite things to do in graphic design is making logos. These can be redesigns of existing franchises or wholly original. Point is that I made each of them from scratch.

To the right is the logo I use as my signature for any public-use art I make.

Below that, is my Company logo, Double O Double A Media.

Freelance Works

Commissions that I have made for creators and companies (link below):

  • Blackburn Beats - a DJ/Music mixer

  • Skullfried - a Twitch Streamer/Gamer


Pokémon + NHL

Pokémon inspired versions of existing NHL Logos. Planning to do the entire NHL lineup! Displayed in reading order:

  • Philidelphia Flyers - Pikipek

  • Dallas Stars - Staryu

  • Buffalo Sabers - Bouffalant

  • Nashville Predators - Raikou

  • Minnesota Wild - Ursaring

  • Florida Panthers - Persian

  • Arizona Coyotes - Lycanroc (Midnight)

 Other   Projects

Some logos I've used in the past.

In reading order:

  • International Pokemon Logo in Japanese Kanji. (Made BEFORE "Pokemon Sword+Shield" games were announced)

  • 8th Sea Games - Company logo of the "Pirate Scuffle" board game

  • KV - an early concept for my personal brand logo

  • Isle of Harpies Crest - unused art for a flag in a D&D campaign made from "Wind Waker" art

  • Love Letter X Stranger Things - The card back for a "Love Letter" variant I designed

  • Nicklemart Coin Logo - In-game promotional material for the fictional grocery store in "Animal Heist"

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