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These prototypes are a proof-of-concept for a potential game's User Interface. Some are redesigns of an existing game's UI, and some are for game concepts to test my skills and creativity.

For example, the GIF to the right displays an idea for a game's menu to be displayed on playing cards that would have its intractable elements on the face of each card.

Rearrange Cards_1.gif


Here is an example of a Twitch channel I designed.

I work with creators to make a cohesive and user-conscious layout that simultaneously complements the creator's personal style and the content they wish to be visible to their viewers.

The work doesn't stop there as work is to be done across the channel including their logo(s), banners and emotes. With the exception of emotes, everything is designed with previous productions in mind.

UI Redesigns





In an attempt to better the design of UI in video games, I research for some truly troubling Menus and Screens and rebuild them from the ground up. I do my best to preserve the original design choices and update them into better and more usable ones.

In reading order we have:

Super Smash Bros. for WiiU - by Nintendo (2012)

Mario Party 8 - by Nintendo (2010)



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This game was described as a retro-inspired dungeon crawler and action-adventure game. Player's would search through mysterious caverns and temples battling monsters and solving puzzles. 

The player would have found several items by at this point, each of which granting new abilities that can be assigned to different buttons.

I decided to make the icons match the pixelated art of the screenshot. The layout would also appear simple as if emulating a classic game. It was meant to avoid distracting the player's eyes away from the gameplay, and a large focus was put on health and what items are equipped to the character. 

Credit to the original screenshots goes to Greg Beaton.

Animal Heist

Controller Controls.png

*Image by Allison Dubé

In addition to designing the game's mechanics, puzzles and levels, I also worked on what the layout of controls would be for both of our play methods. (Xbox gamepad, and Keyboard & Mouse)

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