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Fan Levels

These are levels I was either assigned or inspired to make based off of exiting titles. Only wireframes are provided here, complete with Legend.

Metal Gear Solid v: The Phantom Pain

MGSV is an open-world third-person shooter and in-depth stealth game. I was inspired to design my own contained level set in the world of the game, whilst trying to include many of the games many mechanics without making it too bloated. ​

Because this is a 3D game, and the design of the level is in 2D, I provided a version of the map that displays it's progressing elevation through the level.

For open-concept levels of this size, I also like to make an "Area Map" that splits the level into smaller and more easily describable chunks for my Level Design Document. (A PDF of that can be provided if you ask me nicely.)


Original Game Link

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